Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) Models and Services for Preclinical Studies

With the ongoing changes in lifestyle and diet, the incidence of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) has continued to increase. However, the development of NASH therapeutics has a long way to go, and the selection of an appropriate NASH model is crucial for the development of new treatments. Not only does the model need to demonstrate the characteristics of metabolic disorders, it also needs to demonstrate the characteristics of liver pathohistology seen in human NASH patients.

GemPharmatech provides a variety of NASH models, including a high-fat diet induced model, a nutrient-deficient diet induced model, a chemical toxin induced model, as well as genetically engineered NASH mouse models, which can meet the needs of different research programs.

The construction of NASH models with specific gene deletions (such as BKS-db NASH, B6-Alms1-del NASH) avoids the disadvantages of long cycle and weak phenotype of traditional modeling methods for metabolic disorders. In addition, the phenotype of the genetically engineered mouse models is more stable than the traditional induction model in the pharmacodynamic experiment.

In order to better meet the research and development needs of NASH antibodies and nucleic acid drugs, GemPharmatech has constructed a number of humanized mice (STK25, PNPLA3, DGAT2, KHK) targeting NASH treatment targets, which can be used in the preclinical efficacy evaluation of these drugs.

With our proprietary mouse models and experienced scientific team, GemPharmatech offers a one-stop solution for metabolic disease research, including phenotyping and drug efficacy evaluation services using metabolic, behavioral, and hematological analyses.

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