Can the hair transplant process be done above the age of 40? 

People of all generations are leading busy lives in the present day. As a result, a very common issue they all face is hair loss, which is common at a very young age. Men face hair loss issues during their early 20s, and in women, hair starts thinning during their menopause.  

Due to hair loss, they start losing their self-esteem and look older than their age.  However, if you are concerned about Can the hair transplant process be done above the age of 40? Then read the complete post and avail the perks of Hair Transplant in Dubai

Reasons for hair loss 

There are numerous reasons for hair loss in Dubai, such as lifestyle, diet, medical conditions, medications, and trauma. Individuals suffering from Alopecia areata, diabetes and high BP are not recommended for hair transplant.  

Why do individuals prefer hair transplants? 

The patterns is caused by hormone imbalance, and age factors play a key role. In contrast to male-pattern baldness, female-pattern baldness involves all-over thinning that maintains a normal hairline. Men’s and women’s hair thinning and hair loss are quite different, and it is characterized by a fading hairline or an M-shaped pattern of loss that is complete baldness, whereas, in women, the hair loss is subtle and slow and begins at the crown of the head, not at the hairline. 

Duration of the Surgery: 

The procedure for Hair Transplant in Dubai UAE takes four to eight hours. To prepare the scalp for surgery, hair must be removed before the procedure. The patient needs to come in for a few hours the following day if he is having a significant hair transplant. Just the scalp is administered anaesthesia to make the patient numb. The majority of patients will be conscious throughout the process.  

Aftercare of the surgery: 

The patients must take their prescription after the procedure. Patients should stay out of the sun for approximately a week because sun exposure can alter skin pigmentation, cause decolourization, and worsen scars. In the beginning, patients experience brief scalp irritation and constriction.  

It is normal for the freshly implanted hair to fall out after two to three months following surgery. The hair takes around four months to grow naturally, and it takes a full year to recuperate. It varies greatly from person to person. 


When is the best time for a hair transplant age-wise? 

For a hair transplant, a patient should be at least 25 years old and no older than 75. Patients shouldn’t be in their early 20s since they tend to lose hair even after transplantation as they age, leaving the transplanted strips behind and looking very unnatural.  


As a result, the patient must undergo the transplant procedure again, and there is a significant risk that the donor won’t continue to grow normally in the future. Although the initial transplant can increase hair density, it will require more care in the future.  

Can hair transplantation be done at 20? 

The severity or pattern of a patient’s hair loss may not be fully understood while they are in their 20s. Therefore, those 40 years of age or older are the ideal candidates for hair transplants. Your surgeon will take into account other factors such as the quality of hair in the donor area, the size of the balding section, and the pattern of hair loss in addition to age. 


As age progresses, the amount and quality of hair in the donor area also becomes crucial. As mentioned above, for a successful hair transplant surgery, healthy hair follicles near the donor area are crucial. Approximately 7,000 to 8,000 grafts are usually needed for hair transplants.  

Can the hair transplant process be done above the age of 40? 

When someone in their 20s is experiencing hair loss, they become eager to undergo a hair transplant to look their best. However, candidates tend to lose more hair as the years progress. As they grow older, they may continue to lose their hair with age, leaving behind just the permanent strip of transplanted hair, which looks highly unnatural.  


In such cases, using over-the-counter medicines can treat hair loss in youngsters. Once you reach the age of 40, you have complete or partial hair loss, and the cause of hair loss is also well established. This will help diagnose, and the surgeon can suggest the best treatment option. 

Reach out to the best clinic to get the best solution! 

Our experts at Enfield Royal Clinic believe that patients aged 40 and above are the most suitable candidates for the hair transplant process. That’s because younger patients might find that their existing hair in other areas thins at a different rate to their transplanted hair. This may lead to uneven hair and can limit transplant success.  

However, there are still options for those who are experiencing hair loss at a young age. So reach us out and have the perks! 


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